The OEM maintains the Basic Emergency Operations Plan and annexes covering everything from public warning to terrorism incident response. Other plans like the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan and the Traffic Management Plan also require regular updating and reviewing. OEM also participates in regional planning efforts with the 13-county council of governments, Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC).


When disaster strikes Waller County the OEM coordinates the response and provides critical resources to the responders in the field. We leave the hands-on response to the professionals in the field: your local firefighters, police officers and EMTs. We work behind the scenes to ensure they have everything they need.

When the news trucks are gone and the dust has settled, OEM is still working hard. Recovery is the long, slow, and critical process of getting our community back on its feet. Our role in recovery includes, but isn’t limited to: helping the community get recovery grants, helping residents file claims, and getting reimbursements for all the agencies involved in the response.

Mitigation is a big word for a simple concept: make sure that if disaster happens again, it hurts us less. This means everything from pre-staging response and recovery assets, to ensuring our levees are stronger and safer. You also play a critical role in the mitigation efforts by buying storm-resistant windows, having a tornado shelter, and trimming your tree limbs over your house.